Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Top Ten Reasons You Know You're Getting Older

10. You turn on Classic Rock radio and they're playing music from the 1980's.

9.   It doesn't frighten you to use your cell phone for talking rather than texting.

8.   If you ever lived in a "Real World" house, they'd put you in jail for murder by the end of the season.

7.  You mention "The Brady Bunch" and "Three's Company," and your co-workers have no idea what you're talking about.

6.   The only way you can have a flat stomach is to suck it in.

5.  You find that having a wire constantly sticking out of your ear is strange and rather uncomfortable.

4.  You can remember a time when sex tapes ruined celebrities' careers rather that furthered them.

3.  You used to be hired as an office temp because the company needed temporary help, but now it's because they prefer permanent help from someone who isn't entitled to benefits.

2.  You can in all honesty say you learned to cook from your mother and grandmother not from Rachael Ray and Lidia.

1.  You no longer look at people older than you and say,"I know I will never live like them. Nope, that'll never be me."


  1. wow......#7,10,1 has happened to me! and the others are so true it's scarey!

  2. Thanks for reading! These have been happening to me for a was finally time to write them all down!